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Bass effects

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  1. Electro Harmonix Bass preacher

    Electro Harmonix Bass preacher

    86,01 €
    4 kpl varastossa

    Soul Preacher kompressorin bassoversio. Lue lisää...
  2. Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food

    Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food

    96,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    Suositun Soul Foodin bassoversio. Lue lisää...
  3. Electro Harmonix Crying Bass

    Electro Harmonix Crying Bass

    108,00 €
    Toimitusaika auki

    The Crying Bass brings all the advantages of EHX’s outrageous Next Step Effects to bass guitarists. Designed especially for bass, this wah/fuzz pedal provides the smoothest response and sound that goes all the way from smooth funk to rude growl without losing any bottom. Lue lisää...
  4. Xvive B1 Bass squeezer compressor

    Xvive B1 Bass squeezer compressor

    Normaali hinta: 40,92 €

    Special Price 27,90 €

    9 kpl varastossa

    Analoginen kompressori bassolle. Sisältää myös overdrive särön. Lue lisää...
  5. Palmer Pocket Amp BASS

    Palmer Pocket Amp BASS

    159,01 €
    2 kpl varastossa

    Basso versio suositusta Palmer Pocket amp:sta. Erittäin monipuolinen bassoetuaste analogisella mallinnuksella. Sisältää monipuolisen EQ:n, särömoodit, DI boksin balansoidulla XLR ulostulolla, kaappisimulaattorit, efektiloopin, kuulokeulostulon ja aux sisäänmenon normaalien in ja out liitäntöjen lisäksi. Lue lisää...
  6. Electro Harmonix Expression Pedal

    EHX Cradle, alusta Next Step efekteille

    17,00 €
    Saatavissa arviolta 26.4.2017

    Kätevä ja varma tapa asentaa EHX:n next step -pedaalit pedaalilautaan. Kevyt, mutta kestävä. Kiinnitetään velcrolla lautaan ja pedaalin saa alustaan kiinni tarranauharemmillä. Kiinnitystarpeet tulevat mukana.

    Electro-Harmonixin Next Step efektejä ovat Crying Tone Wah, Expression Pedal, Pan Pedal, Talking Pedal ja Volume Pedal. Lue lisää...
  7. Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff

    Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff

    89,01 €
    4 kpl varastossa

    Big Muff viritettynä bassotaajuuksille. Yksi suosituimmista EHX pedaaleista! Lue lisää...
  8. Electro Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff

    Electro Harmonix NANO Bass Big Muff

    89,01 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    Big Muff viritettynä bassotaajuuksille nano kokoon kutistettuna. Lue lisää...
  9. Electro Harmonix Bass Blogger

    Electro Harmonix Bass Blogger

    81,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    Finesse distortion with silky definition. Reinforce the two-way message with your drummer. Drive your rhythm section with Voodoo authority. Power Supply sold separately (96DC-200BI) Lue lisää...
  10. Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors

    Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors

    135,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    An arsenal of performance elements in a channel strip toolbox. A new distortion melds with carefully selected compression and bass specific EQ to add tonal structure with a rock solid foundation. Lue lisää...
  11. Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer

    Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer

    309,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    The Bass Micro Synthesizer reissue has the same incredible features as the Micro Synthesizer with a filter sweep range tailored for lower frequencies. From percussive sounds to backwards sounding bowed sounds, the Bass Micro Synthesizer, with its four completely mixable voices (bass, octave above, sub-octave, and square wave or distortion) and adjustable filter sweep section lets the bass player create those fat vintage analog synthesizer sounds heard on records by everyone from Bootsy Collins to the Chemical Brothers. Lue lisää...
  12. Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff

    Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff

    130,00 €
    2 kpl varastossa

    The new Deluxe Bass Big Muff is the latest in the line of EHX bass specific effects. It delivers enhancements to the classic Bass Big Muff Pi that are specifically tailored to the needs of the modern bass player and gives you more tone shaping options than ever before. Lue lisää...
  13. Electro Harmonix Enigma - Envelope Filter for Bass

    Electro Harmonix Enigma - Envelope Filter for Bass

    213,01 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    The Electro-Harmonix Enigma is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for bass frequency response.

    Sculpt your envelope to reveal a truly expressive tone, with a defined and unique signature. Enigma will deliver tight and smooth control over the complete 40 Hz to 3 kHz range, with a consistent and even sweetness.

    Need some edge? Engage Enigma's analog distortion and dial in anything from subtle bite to dominating crush.

    You can even plug in an optional expression pedal to control the filter sweep with your foot. With the ability to adjust Q, sweep range, and filter type, you'll also wind up with of the most versatile wahs available.

    Enigma: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for bass guitar.

    Lue lisää...
  14. Palmer BAZZ fuzz

    Palmer BAZZ fuzz

    69,56 €
    3 kpl varastossa

    Palmer Bazz - The special fuzz pedal for basses

    The Bazz can generate extremely mean and aggressive fuzzy bass tones - this pedal is BAD! In addition the Bazz has mid-boost switch, making it even meaner. The PAD switch allows you to use the unit with active and passive basses.


    • Input impedance: 1 M ohms
    • Output impedance: 1 K ohms
    • Residual noise: -85 dB (all controls centered)
    • Indicator: LED
    • Connectors: IN, OUT, DC input (9 V)
    • Footswitch: true bybass
    • Power requirements: 9 V PP3 or 9 V DC supply (optional)
    • Power consumption: 12 mA (9V DC)
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 mm x 60 mm x 140 mm
    Lue lisää...
  15. Palmer Deepressor - Bass compressor

    Palmer Deepressor - Bass compressor

    69,56 €
    2 kpl varastossa

    Palmer Deepressor - The Compressor especially designed for bass guitars

    The Palmer Deepressor controls the dynamics of your guitar signal for increased punch and sustain. The Compressor has been especially developed for bass guitars, it can produce a warm, punchy and sustained tone. If you crank the level all the way up, a gentle warm distortion will kick in ��" more than a normal compressor.

    Lue lisää...

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