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  1. Electro Harmonix Cock Fight Cocked Talking Wah

    Electro Harmonix Cock Fight Cocked Talking Wah

    121,00 €
    4 kpl varastossa

    Tämän hetken innovatiivisin pedaalivalmistaja Electro Harmonix takoo uuden pedaalin joka kuukausi! Cock Fight on eräänlainen auto wah, jossa on sisäänrakennettu Fuzz. Cock Fight:sta löytyy Crying wah, Talking wah ja Fuzz. Lue lisää...
  2. Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

    Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

    99,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    Player controlled dynamics moving a precise multi-mode filter with a sweet adjustable Q makes the Micro Q-Tron an amazing envelope follower. Lue lisää...
  3. Electro Harmonix Nano Bassballs

    Electro Harmonix Nano Bassballs

    79,00 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    Sleek, small and funky, the exact twin of the legendary Bassballs. Same controls, same sound but now in a pocket size, die-cast case. The twin-tuned filters sweep your instrument's signal giving a unique vocal tone. Use the mild distortion switch to add throatiness. Great on bass and guitar. Lue lisää...
  4. Electro Harmonix Nano Dr. Q

    Electro Harmonix Nano Dr. Q

    55,01 €
    2 kpl varastossa

    The classic 1970's funk box now available in a pocket sized case. Dynamic picking response produces super funky wah like tones. Lue lisää...
  5. Electro Harmonix Q-Tron

    Electro Harmonix Q-Tron

    155,00 €
    Toimitusaika auki

    Improve your Groove The Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron - the phattest, funkiest envelope filter ever made! Features like switchable Boost and Filter Mix mode allow for an unlimited supply of all-new auto-wah effects that drip with attitude. Increased frequency response and improved signal-to-noise ratio make the Q-Tron perfect for use with any instrument. Bootsy Collins and George Clinton already have theirs. How about you? Lue lisää...
  6. Electro Harmonix Q-Tron +

    Electro Harmonix Q-Tron +

    181,00 €
    Toimitusaika auki

    The Q-Tron+ Envelope Follower adds the power of a built-in Effects Loop and Attack Response Control to the proven platform of the original Q-Tron. The unique Effects Loop lets the musician place a sound effect between the Q-Tron+'s envelope detection circuitry and filter sections without changing the envelope drive. The rich harmonics created by a distortion pedal can now be processed by the filter without degradation to the signal's natural envelope and with full dynamic response. Electro-Harmonix claims that plugging other devices, such as the Electric Mistress Flanger or Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay into the Q-Tron+ Effects Loop creates an array of exotic new sounds. The Attack Response Control lets the player select between a slow, smooth, vowel-like attack and the fast, snaked response of the original Q-Tron. Lue lisää...
  7. Electro Harmonix Riddle - Envelope Filter for guitar

    Electro Harmonix Riddle - Envelope Filter for guitar

    213,01 €
    1 kpl varastossa

    The Electro-Harmonix Riddle is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for guitar frequency response.

    Sculpt your envelope to reveal a truly expressive tone, with a defined and unique signature. Riddle will deliver tight and smooth control over the complete 80 Hz to 5 kHz range, with a consistent and even sweetness.

    Need some edge? Engage Riddle's analog distortion and dial in anything from subtle bite to dominating crush.

    You can even plug in an optional expression pedal to control the filter sweep with your foot. With the ability to adjust Q, sweep range, and filter type, you'll also wind up with of the most versatile wahs available.

    Riddle: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for guitar.

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