Electro Harmonix Q-Tron +

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The Q-Tron+ Envelope Follower adds the power of a built-in Effects Loop and Attack Response Control to the proven platform of the original Q-Tron. The unique Effects Loop lets the musician place a sound effect between the Q-Tron+'s envelope detection circuitry and filter sections without changing the envelope drive. The rich harmonics created by a distortion pedal can now be processed by the filter without degradation to the signal's natural envelope and with full dynamic response. Electro-Harmonix claims that plugging other devices, such as the Electric Mistress Flanger or Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay into the Q-Tron+ Effects Loop creates an array of exotic new sounds. The Attack Response Control lets the player select between a slow, smooth, vowel-like attack and the fast, snaked response of the original Q-Tron.
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185,00 €