Palmer valmistaa erittäin laadukkaita DI-bokseja live ja studiokäyttöön. Varastoimme yleisimmät, kaikkia Palmer tuotteita saadaan tilattua kohtuullisilla toimitusajoilla.
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  1. Palmer PAN02 Active DI-box
    62,99 € 50,80 €
    Active DI box. Both battery or 48 V-phantom power operation possible. Active circuitry allows for high input impedance (1 MΩ) and higher input sensitivity (typical difference between in and out -4 dB). Maximum output impedance with phantom power operation +10 dBu. Output: transformer balanced. The special “floating ground” circuitry enables ground lift even during phantom power operation. Metal case 110 x 73 x 42 mm. Lisätietoja
  2. Palmer PAN01 Passive DI-box
    54,99 € 44,35 €

    Standard passive DI box for line and loudspeaker levels.

    Jack input with parallel "THRU" output, transformer balanced XLR output. Attenuable input sensivity, can handle both line level and speaker level singals.

    • Trafosymetric XLR Output
    • Input Sensitivity Adjustable
    • Input impedance: 68,000 ohms
    • Output impedance: 600 ohms
    • Transformer ratio: 10 : 1
    • Maximum output: +6 dB
    • Ground lift switch
    • Metal casing 110 x 73 x 42 mm
  3. Palmer PDI09 The Junction Guitar DI-box
    95,78 € 77,24 €

    Passive DI box especially designed for guitars.

    The PDI09 can be connected between an effect device or amplifier and the mixing console. The PDI09 is not suitable for direct connection to a guitar. Integrated filter circuits simulate the authentic "speaker" sound. Tone can be varied between "Mellow", "Normal", or "Bright".

    Technical specifications:

    • Input: 6.3 mm jack with parallel "THRU" socket
    • Output: male XLR transformer balanced
    • Attenuator: (Level switch) 0 dB for line signals, -15 dB for small amps up to 10 w, 30 dB for large amps up to 200 w
    • No battery necessary
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